About Us

As a teenager and young adult, I always loved silver, but when i got engaged I chose a gold ring. Thus started my love of gold. It always bothered me that most of the solid gold jewellery that you bought in jewellery shops was boring and quite old fashioned. Thankfully gold jewellery has come a long way in the past 10 years and my husband / family have given me some beautiful pieces as presents, but my life is so busy with 4 kids that all of my gold has stayed static in my jewellery box. I am always on the move. Lifting toddlers, making dinners and throwing a rain coat on to go do the school run... my busy life didn't seem to fit with my expensive gold jewellery.
And so from a frustrated conversation with my sister, pebbles and silk was born. We are Eimear Murphy and Deirdre Hayes and we wanted to look chic and stylish EVERYDAY, not just on special occasions. We wanted our accessories to lift our outfits but they had to be easy to wear and fit into our busy schedules. So we took time to source some beautiful, hard wearing gold plated materials. We then incorporated some beautiful colours into our designs to make our jewellery unique. Finally we made all of our jewellery easy to wear, as we road tested them ourselves!
We hope you like our designs. We hope that you find them comfortable and easy to wear. but most of all we hope they make you feel more polished, and less thrown together, like you've just run out the door! Well....somethings never change.........!